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Exhibition grounds

» Do you know how to increase the reputation of your exhibition grounds and how to improve its services?

» Improve your know-how and visitor orientation during exhibitions.

» Offer something extra to exhibitors.


Modern interactive equipment for advertising the exhibition grounds and exhibitors.


Improve awareness and orientation of visitors during exhibitions.
A Uniq PC can replace several information service employees. It stays where you place it. It will inform, present, explain and will do so tirelessly. Its feet never hurt and it can give out an unlimited amount of information. Through arrangement of these kiosks you can avoid long lines of people waiting for information. In addition, the price of human labor is higher than the price of a computer, and you only need to invest in a computer one time.
The reputation of an exhibition ground contributes significantly to the participation of exhibitors there. The lavish representation of exhibitors then allures many visitors. All of this contributes to the profits and success of an exhibition ground or trade-fair center. Technologic novelties and different innovative solutions are presented at exhibitions. It is therefore logical that the exhibition ground itself is presented in a similar style.
The kiosk version of the resistant all-in-one Uniq PC computer as a form of modern interactive communication equipment can be used by exhibition grounds for:
»  self service registration of visitors
» information source about exhibitions, services, congresses...
»  obtaining of feedback from visitors of fair or congress center - inquiries, questionnaires, opinion polls
»  renting of advertising places - exhibitors can present their products and services out of exhibition places – in the vestibule, hallways, resting-places, restaurants, cafés, etc....
»  renting of kiosks to exhibitors during exhibition – the most modern presentation of top products

Congress centers
Good congress centers organize dozens of events each year. Orientation and additional information for all of these events in the form of different posters, banners, holders and bulletins require considerable funding, but they are used just for just one specific event. With the Uniq PC you can cover all of your events. And not just that. At disposal You will also have an informer available who provides you with audio information in different languages. Using our kiosk, you will allow access to discussions and marketing support. You can also view orientation plans showing ongoing activities, gain feedback from visitors using a questionnaire or use a display menu card from which visitors can order their lunch online.
The comfortable and extremely exact touchscreen, which can be controlled by all of the fingers at the same time, allows for the enlargement of images, their rotation or listing. It also offers excellent readability in environments with artificial lighting, such as exhibition grounds or congress centers. Thanks to WiFi connection, online applications can also be used.

Offer exhibitors something extra.
By renting a Uniq PC, exhibitors will get a marketing tool through which they can interact with visitors. Just insert the software. There can be a salesman at each exhibit introducing the product, showing it in different forms, modeling variable situations and so on.
The Uniq PC provides the most information space – 100 times more information compared to a leaflet. In addition, it grabs attention of visitors by pulling them into an active search for information.
One great advantage of the Uniq PC is its resistance. You don't need to worry about damaging it during use. The Uniq PC has a closed construction, a passive cooling system and is basically maintenance-free. It uses 6-times less energy than a standard computer, and the display is resistant to mechanical damage. Spilt liquids will not cause it any harm, because it is water resistant. Its cleanliness is guaranteed through use of an antibacterial surface treatment. And the Uniq PC’s cleanliness is easy to maintain. You just wash it with standard liquid detergents.
You can even have your new “employee” dressed in a “uniform” – in a color version and with a logo of your choice.
The Uniq PC offers highly stable and flexible mounting in any location. It offers wide connectivity to optional accessories without any visible cables through a secure and hidden multi-connector.
After only five exhibitions, your investment in a Uniq PC will already be paid back.


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