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E-document management

» Be much better and faster than your competition

» Be different with modern client workplace

» Provide to your clients the most secure transaction

» Have a reliable solution for e-document management


A major European banking group relies on an innovative solution from Elcom.

Also be innovative and follow us!

Real e-document management

The unique solutions for client workplaces provide comprehensive e-document management. Thanks to professional devices it is possible to coordinate and to control the electronic flow of data, their acquisition, processing, storage, searching and distribution. Documents are securely saved and available at anytime. E-document management optimizes business processes and increases work efficiency.

The most secure biometric signature

Signature devices allow the client not only to sign documents but also see his signature and the signed document at the same time. The signature verification is objective thanks to the revolutionary software which evaluates the inclination of pen point pressure and its dynamics. The possibility of signature forgery is minimal.

Easy client identification

There are two ways in which client workplace devices enable easy client identification. The first way is identification with ID card through built-in or connected external accessories (chip card reader e.g.). The second way is identification through biometric signature which specifically identifies each client without the need for any documents – the uniqueness of the client’s signature is verified by sophisticated software. The client’s signature is always with him, everywhere he goes.

Current multimedia presentation

Each novelties can be presented to clients online without any time delay (compared with classic printed leaflets and their distribution). Another significant advantage is the possibility to address clients using audio and video presentations. The client can zoom in or zoom out and rotate images and text for their comfortable displaying.
Devices for your solutions:
Secure Sign  |  Uniq tablet  |  Uniq PC 150  |  Uniq PC 190  |  Uniq Display 150  |  Uniq Display 190

Client-friendly environment

Elegance, modern design, functionality and mounting variability of our devices enable creation of modern client workplace adaptable to your and clients needs. Self-service terminal with touchscreen display, mobile tablet and digitiser can be used for all clients including handicapped people.


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