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Mines and mining companies

» Control device for operation of mining machines and tools

» Standard PC – for working communication, substitution of „paper“ processes, recording of completed work

» Online communication tool

Durable touchscreen solutions for mines and mining companies

A mine is one a non standard workplace with demanding conditions and specific rules.

Communication and working activities run automatically
  • saving on paper – an employee writes data directly into the company application, not in paper documentation
  • saving on working time – an employee doesn’t have to rewrite data from paper into electronic form
  • six-time less energy consumption than a standard computer

Our solutions are ideal hardware solutions assigned to humid and dusty environment such as:

  • control device for operation of mining machines and tools
  • standard PC – for working communication (e-mails, internal special communication, intranet) substitution of „paper“ processes, recording work carried out on a shift, recording of mining and employees...
  • online communication tool – between mineworkers „underground“ and between operators „on the ground“ through the microphone, speakers and camera

In the case of an accident or crisis situation it allows easier evaluating and solving of problems and also managing emergency works “from the ground.” The actual condition and report is available automatically in the company applications, thus increasing work security.

An employee is always ready and informed thanks quick to the rapidly available information and effective communication.
The opportunity to exploit modern technologies, such as computers and the Internet, when underground requires special demands from such equipment:
  • a closed system with passive cooling
  • no holes, thus no possibility of dust getting inside – no clogging and loss of functionality
  • resistance to mechanical damage, shocks, humidity and splashing water (IP protection 65/54)
  • all-in-one solution – the computer, display and touchscreen panel all in one device
  • precise touchscreen control (resistive or capacitive panel with multi-touch functionality)
  • non-stop, maintenance-free operation with easy cleaning using detergents
  • minimal failure rate
  • long lifetime (approx. 50 000 hours)
  • wide range of way to mount on a table, on a wall or in a kiosk
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