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Do you need the professional R&D team which will be available in any phase of  product development?
You needn't build the big company, hunt for professionals, buy expensive technologies...
We have all what you need. From ideas, development, production over the delivering product to you.


Idea » Development » Material » Production » Packing » Transport 

  • we only need your layout
  • we will help you to optimize your layout
  • we develop and design real products
  • we have an immediate experiences with production process – our aim is optimizing of designed products for production
  • we will improve the performance and quality and reduce total costs
You Have an Idea, We Have the Know-how.
We Offer a Wide Range of Services:
  • electronic
  • mechanical
  • software
  • We Offer a Strategic Cooperation:
  • CAD design and the manufacture of new products 
  • the development, design and production of displays (10.4“, 10.2“, 15“, 17“, etc.) 
  • 3D modelling and prototyping 
  • plastic cabinet production (machines from Mitsubishi, Engel, Wittmann) and metal frame production 
  • electric injection moulds for plastic and metal parts
  • apid prototyping – 3D printer (ABS) 
  • silicone moulds and PU (polyurethane) mouldings for prototypes 
  • software design (Windows, Embedded) 
  • printed circuit board (PCB) design and layout 
  • the selection of electronic components 
  • the testing and programming of hardware components 
  • surface mounting assembly 
  • SMT, capacity of approximately 40,000 cph (components per hour) 
  • SMT, minimum 0201, BGA, micro BGA  (A ball grid array)
  • SMT machines: pick and place - Phillips Assembleon; stencil printing - DEK 
  • rate of conformity 4 sigma 
  • ERSA reflow oven with 7 – 14 zones
  • production according to ISO 9001:2000, IPC-A-610 C, D
  • RoHS compatible production in an inert nitrogen atmosphere 
  • automated computerized testing 
  • AOI/automatic optical inspection system 
  • ESD product testing (Electrostatic discharge)
  • highly qualified personnel 
  • final assembly 
  • the provision of product CE certification or other certifications if needed 
  • complete logistics with delivery anywhere in Europe or throughout the world 
  • technical drawings, documentation and communication in English; the complete documentation is the property of customer 
  • consultations, seminars, presentations 
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