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Secure Sign

Electronic document management
Secure Sign is an innovative display with dual touch panel and signature area with card reader. It provides electronic identifying of the person, modern biometric signature, and objective and sophisticated verification, which brings great convenience not only for clients but also for institutions using this advanced equipment.

Stand out
Stand out
Secure Sign allows you to present multimedia advertising, news of institution - the presentation of texts, documents, videos, including audio playback. It identifies your clients simply through a smart card reader. The device presents an offer directly to the client within the business case and allows it to menu selection and confirmation of selected services. Verify the customer's documents by handwritten electronic signature!

Sophisticated design
Sophisticated design
Power switch is hidden behind the front panel, where is not usually access. Front panel, except of card reader and holder for signature pen is simply washable. In operation, Secure Sign is stable and inclination of the display is chosen to allow a comfortable view for the client (may be not tilted). It is also possible to move with the device, so that the signature was natural.

Comfort for client
Comfort for client
Secure Sign provides simply client identification by ID card. This concept is very discreet, client`s data are safe. The client chooses from the menu parameters of deal naturally by touch of a finger and he signed the document by electronic pen - signature replaces other documents. The verification of signature is objective thanks to revolutionary software that verifies inclination of pressure of the pen and also its dynamic. Possibility of falsification of the signature is almost zero.

Comfort for institution
Comfort for institution
Be closer to clients. Every news may be immediately presented to the client without any time delay (compared to the classic printing and distribution of leaflets). Realize all client services on a single device. It will ensure, that the security and discretion of work with clients, saving space and minimizing cable. Secure Sign saves your operating costs - no need to print flyers and promotional leaflets. Energy consumption is six times lower than conventional computers.

Type of display PCT, Dual Touch 
Diagonal 9,7” 
Backlight LED 
Resolution 1024 x 768 px
Aspect ratio 4:3 
Luminous intensity 600:1 
Horizontal angle of view 178° 
Vertical angle of view 178° 
Signing technology electromagnetic resonance 
Pen battery-free 
LPI 2540 
Pressure level 1024 
Display input USB 
Touchscreen display USB 
Signature area USB 
Cooling passive, fanless 
Chip card reader OMNIKEY USB (optional), EMV standard (payment chip card) 
IP level IP54 (front bezel, except pen holder and card reader) 
Mounting stand alone 
Dimensions (L x W x D) 281 x 286 x 68 (without pen), 281 x 286 x 177 (with pen) mm
Relative humidity 5 ~ 95 % (non-condensing) 
Operating temperature 0 to +40°C 
Storage temperature -10 to 70°C 
OS Compatibility Windows 7 (recommended) 

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