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  • Do you want employees who never call in sick, don't make mistakes, working non-stop?

  • Do you want to serve some 20 percent more clients?

  • Do you want to provide your clients maximally secure transactions?

  • Do you want to stand out from the competition with modern solution?

  • Do you want to save costs and environment at the same time?


Offer something extra and get ahead of the competition

  • Diligent and infallible employees. An “employee” in the form of a resistant and reliable Uniq PC computer happily presents all of your products, diligently transfers transactions and tirelessly satisfies client wishes at any time and always with the same effort. The pleasant sound of the speakers gives the client a feeling of being attended to by the most accommodating of tellers.

  • More satisfied clients without queuing. Clients who know what they want and need to take care of it quickly don't have to shuffle nervously in a growing queue. Payment orders, financial transactions overview, permanent payment cancellation and ordering of additional services at a self-service terminal can be done quickly and conveniently. You can increase the number of clients served by up to 20 percent. In addition, you can devote more time to those clients who really want it and need it.

  • Maximum security and discretion. The client either enters confidential information by using a self-service terminal or shares it with a teller through the interactive display. Confidentiality is guaranteed by a special safety foil.

  • Revolutionary signature tablet. The excellence of the Uniq PC is emphasized by the use of an integrated signature tablet. The unique combination of touchscreen and signature area allows the client to see his signature and the document to be signed at the same time. The verification of a biometric signature is objective thanks to revolutionary software which reviews the pressure created by the pen tip as well as its dynamics. The possibility of signature forgery is almost zero. The security of a transaction gains a new dimension and strengthens the relationships between the client and the institution.

  • A modern customer environment. The functionality and optimum allocation allows the creation of a variable workplace. The controlling of the self-service terminal is highly intuitive. The touchscreen displays are both height and location adjustable, so they can comfortable serve everyone, including a disabled client. Thanks to its antibacterial coating the display surface is always hygienic and easy to clean using standard detergents. Thus, you can guarantee a representative appearance at all times.

  • Green point - Low operating costs. The passive cooling system of our Uniq PC as well as the utilization of the latest technologies contribute to a reduction in power consumption of up to 85 percent compared with a traditional desktop computer. In practice, this could mean an annual savings of 100 to 150 euro per device. The Uniq PC doesn't blow dust into the air; it reduces paper consumption and with its soundless running also contributes to the creation of modern “green” workplace. “Think environmentally – work electronically!”


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