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Sales representatives


  • Always up-to-date data

  • Speeds up the process of ordering and selling

  • Immediate sending of orders

  • Navigation with planning and checking routes

Resistant multimedia tablet for sales representatives
The Uniq Tablet is an ideal mobile touch computer for those who are always on the go and work in an exacting environment. It does not mind dust or contact with water. A resistant plastic rubber cover protects the tablet from damages in case of impact and fall from a height up to 80 cm.
Always up-to-date data
It is possible to connect the device to the Internet or a company’s applications via Wi-Fi or 3G. A sales representative can find out about current inventory, prepare orders directly at the customer and send them immediately into central information system. Thanks to the built-in camera, microphone and speaker, he/she can communicate or transfer an image. The boss need not wait for the processing of field data by the salesman. He/she can have it immediately after recording and sending.
Time efficiency
Communication with applications needed for trading is easy and available everywhere. Forget notebooks and papers where you had to write down data into the computer in the office after each journey. You can use your working time more efficiently.
Planning and checking routes
The built-in GPS module enables efficient navigation and management of routes that are downloaded from central information system for each sales representative. GPS also records and sends the position of the trader. On the basis of these data, the boss can check these routes.
Smart appearance and comfortable operation
Despite its sturdiness, the Uniq tablet gives a smart impression. Its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold in the hand. Operation is comfortable thanks to the double-touch display and keyboard with selected keys. Automatic rotation of the picture according to the position and adaptation of the display to the conditions of the surroundings is a standard function. During transport, you will connect the tablet to the car battery charger, so that your helper will be ready to carry out further reliable service.



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