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Mechanical ventilation

  • Flexible and intuitive control of the device through the 15-inch screen all-in-one PC

  • Increased patient safety

  • Constantly updated overview of a respiratory condition of the patient

  • Simple cleaning and easy maintenance

Ventilator Chirana AURA V new: A Revolutionary partner to the medical environment
Health and medical institutions do, from their very nature, require the technical solutions of the highest quality available. All the more so, if we are speaking about those departments, where the life of patients depends not only on seconds, but also on the level of technical support. Requirement of the hygiene, reliability, safety, simplicity of the operation and technical quality do become the priority in this case, that need to be fulfilled. Computers Uniq PC 150 meet those demanding criteria. Therefore, they have been selected as an integral part of the Chirana AURA V respirator.
Uniq PC 150 in Chirana AURA V respirator
Thanks to the passive cooling system and closed system without openings, Uniq PC 150 provides completely quiet and clean operation, that remains extremely reliable and secure compared with other computers. A display quality is provided by 15-inch screen. Higher luminance and LED backlight provides perfect readability even in strong artificial light, commonly found in operating rooms. Unique waterproof system and special surface treatment which allows cleaning with alcohol-based detergents, makes this system and ideal assistant for health care facilities.
Flexible and intuitive device operation and increased patient safety
Thanks to the touch screen with intuitive interface the ventilator operation is very simple and intuitive even in rubber gloves or with wet hands. It offers more effective workflow and possibilities to the doctors and medical staff, that previous devices did not provide. Additionally, the screen provides 360⁰ range of rotation, so that medical staff may adjust it according to the actual needs without disruption of the patient comfort. Chirana AURA V also brings new possibilities of increasing patient safety and improvement in care for his health. For instance, in case of unexpected events the warning system in three levels is activated. That does not operate only by sound and light signalization, but by evaluation and memorizing of the cause as well. The device also offers a security double keystroke of the “intubation” button. In case of the urgent situation it offers an opportunity of quick implementation of starting ventilation parameters based on the weight of the patient.  Using the backup frequency or the relevant application the device can performs automatic and constant backup of ventilation and all available data.
Constantly updated overview of a respiratory condition of the patient
15-inch Uniq PC with LED backlight, that is suitable for an extreme condition and environment offers constant, complete and updated information about the condition of the patient. All monitored parameters of ventilation activities are also stored in the memory of the device for 24 hours, what improves safety of a patient and effectiveness of care.
Simple cleaning and easy maintenance
Innovative materials and design of the device allow low-maintance care. Highly resistant touch screen effectively prevents any possible damage. A major plus is, however, that device can be cleaned using any detergent. This ensures a high level of hygiene in medical environment.




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