ELCOM Cash Registers


» Effective use of warehouse capacity.

» Optimization of work with a high-lift truck.

» Elimination of shipping errors.

» Automation of warehousing activities. 

» Decrease of operating costs. 


Automatization of stock activities

The Uniq PC will also help you with the calculation of measures.
The Uniq PC is extremely resistant to water, dust and shocks. Thanks to its closed metal construction it is ideal for the demanding environment of warehouses and logistics centers.
This multimedia, all-in-one computer with a built-in camera, microphone and speakers offers highly stable and flexible mounting in any location. It enables comfortable and extremely precise control.
The Uniq PC provides broad possibilities for the discrete arrangement of connected cables.
With the automation of stock operations, you can exploit the Uniq PC as a control panel for inventories. Space = the money, so we must use the Uniq PC as rationally as possible. One of the solutions is automatic shelves. After selecting an item on the display, the shelves “space out” and create the path for access to the required item.

Advantages of the solution:
» savings of operating costs – primarily POL and energy
» elimination of non-productive time of operators when moving stock
» elimination of errors when handling goods


Advantages of the solution:
» maximizing warehouse capacity
» increase in employee productivity
» elimination of errors when handling goods
» improving the ability to manage the impact of demand
» early shipping of a delivery to a customer

The Uniq PC is also available for optimizing the work of a high-lifting truck. It is installed on a diesel-driven or electric high-lift truck and serves for managing the rider. The power supply is 12V, and an SSD disc is used for archiving data. Transfer takes place through a Wi-Fi connection.
The Multimedia Uniq PC enables communication between workers at a logistics center. They communicate from their work stations through the computer’s built-in microphone. The touchscreen display can be controlled precisely through any object, even with gloves on.



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