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Euro-150TE Flexy

Ergonomic shape
The timeless and elegant design of the Euro-150 Flexy guarantees rapid billing and is an ideal fit for your businesses. The design of the cash register makes for the easiest maintenance of all cash registers on the market.

Comfortable and quick paper tape change
Comfortable and quick paper tape change
The modern drop-in system, notable for its simplicity and speed when replacing the paper tape, increases availability and reduces downtime when changing.

A backlit display easily readable for customers and the operator
A backlit display easily readable for customers and the operator
The alphanumerical operator display (displays numbers and letters) has high contrast and stylish blue backlight that provide superb visibility. The fact that it helps reduce operator eyes strain over a few hours use can increase operator performance. The customer display is a 10-digit segmented display with backlighting. As a result, the customer display is easy to read under different lighting conditions.

SD card
SD card
For continuous backup of the electronic journal you can use the SD memory card included in the package. Accessing the SD card is really easy and quick and its placement is very secure, so you won't have to worry about theft.

Wide possibilities for connecting external devices
Wide possibilities for connecting external devices
You can connect a cash drawer to the cash register for better control of the balance in hand; a hand-held, multidirectional or in-counter barcode scanner for rapid registering and a lower error rate; digital scales for reading data from weighed goods; or a payment terminal.

Intuitive menu
Intuitive menu
The most commonly required conditions for users are easy operation and rapid training of personnel. The Euro-150 Flexy comes with a so-called menu system. You might know this system from the Euro-50 Mini cash register. The menu system makes cash register programming as easy as possible.

Programmable keyboard
Programmable keyboard
The Euro-150 Flexy keyboard is fully programmable. An operator can to program the keyboard according to needs or usage. A quick changing of the caption on the keyboard is also possible.

USB for easier communication with PC
USB for easier communication with PC
The Euro-150 Flexy cash register includes a USB connector for easier connection with a PC, and this allows programming the entire cash register or using the possibility of selling units from the PC as an “online sale” in a quick and comfortable way.

Number of PLU 2000 
Numbers of PLU departments 20 
Number of cashiers 10 
Rights cashiers access modes X, Z, T, P and the right to cancel an operation, recovery, surcharge/discount 
Number of VAT levels
Number of characters in PLU 42 
Upper text logo 9 lines 
Lower text logo 9 lines 
Number of characters per line logo 42 
Large and small, bold, special characters yes 
Programming language EN 
Language on receipts EN 
Language for closures EN 
Reports daily, surveillance, interval, PLU, DPT, cashiers, flash, outlets 
Training mode yes 
Memory stick yes, part of the package 
Electronic journal yes 
Operator display alphanumeric with backlighting, 2x 16 characters 
Customer display 10-segmented digit with backlighting 
Basic keyboard programmable, 39 keys 
Enhanced keyboard no 
Dimensions (L x W x D) 340 x 120,5 x 253,5 mm
Weight 1,66 kg
Average print speed 15 lines/s 
Receipt tape width 57 mm
Way of replacing receipt tape drop-in 
Maximum tape roll 55 mm
Print EAN codes no 
Adapter 100-240 V / 9 V DC, 3 A 
Battery no 
Power consumption max. 27 W 
Communication interface 1x USB, 1x RS-232 (2x optional) 
Print of QR codes for Block lottery yes 
Communication protocols ATOS NVIS yes 
Types of external displays DTV display 2x 20 VFD | Display ED-2500 
Function of fiscal printer yes 
Color light 
Možnosť pripojenia peňažnej zásuvky áno 

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