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Secure Sign II

Signature device with a touch screen
Secure Sign II combines a touch panel with a signature area. Together they make a clear and intuitive affair out of the electronic signing process. Customers know and see precisely what document they sign because the whole action happens on one panel. Sophistically evaluated biometric signature provides a detailed and accurate identification of a person. Full electronization of the business cases and processes leads to large savings in operating costs from paper to cartridges for printers.

Signing on the document directly
Signing on the document directly
Thanks to a sufficiently large touch screen, which is also a signature panel, customers sign directly on the document. Get rid of any misunderstandings that may arise in signing on a small panel outside the document.
Virtually tamper-proof signature
Virtually tamper-proof signature
The signature can be verified using sophisticated software, which measures pressure, velocity, acceleration and length of the signature. Factors that the human eye does not notice under any circumstances.
Secure customer identification
Secure customer identification
Thanks to the card reader you get the customer information discreetly and flawlessly.
Clear readability
Clear readability
With a unique matte finish, the display is designed to be protected from all kinds of reflections and glare. Secure Sign II provides excellent visibility under any type of light.
Comfortable control
Comfortable control
9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen IPS display with IP54 protection can be operated with stylus and all ten fingers through multi-touch technology.
Battery-free pen
Battery-free pen
Pen without battery ensures reliable signing and operation without downtime. It never hesitates and never slows down the traffic.
Cost savings
Cost savings
The digitization of business transactions and processes saves time and especially operating costs. The consumption of paper, printer cartridges and the cost of storage space decreases significantly by implementing Secure Sign II to each client workstation.
Kensington security
Kensington security
Secure Sign II protects against theft the most trusted brand in electronics security - Kensington.
Type of display IPS 
Diagonal 9,7" 
Backlight LED 
Resolution 1024 x 768 px
Aspect ratio 4:3 
Luminous intensity 800:1 
Horizontal angle of view 178° 
Vertical angle of view 178° 
Signing technology Electromagnetic resonance 
Pen Battery free 
LPI 2540 
Pressure level 1024 
Display input USB 3.0 
Touchscreen display USB 3.0 
Signature area USB 3.0 
Cooling Passive, fanless 
Chip card reader OMNIKEY Optional (EMV, eID) 
IP level IP54 (front frame - except for a pen holder and magnetic card reader) 
Mounting Scattered 
Relative humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing 
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C 
Storage temperature -10°C to 70°C 
Positioning Horizontally or 13 ° angle 

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